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Hockey and Lightning

Published Tue 30 Apr 2024


Lightning is the visible part of an electrical discharge. Thunder is the resulting sound from the rapid expansion of the air after this electrical discharge. Sound follows light at 0.34 km/sec. Check the forecast and watch the sky. Darkening skies, flashes or lightning, or increasing wind may indicate an approaching storm.

Lightning safety tips:

(a) Use the 30/30 Lightning Rule. If the time between the lightning flash and the thunder sound is less than 30 SECONDS then play should be suspended, and not resumed until 30 MINUTES after the last thunder (30 seconds relates to 10 Kilometres away).

(b) Find safe shelter. Sturdy buildings are the safest place to be during lightning storms. Avoid sheds, picnic shelters, metal coaching boxes and goals. Staying in a car with windows closed also offers some protection.

Hockey Australia Extreme Weather Policy


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