Southern River Hockey Club

SRHC Kitchen Duties per Team

SRHC Kitchen Roster

No under 16 to be serving kitchen customers

**J5/6 and J7/8 players: Not allowed in the kitchen/bar**

J9/10's upwards are to be supervised by an adult when doing Kitchen Duty (no entry into bar area or touching alcohol)

Read the info on the cards inside the kitchen


CLOSING UP (last volunteers for the day)

  • Date and seal opened food and store in fridge, freezer or shelves

  • Turn off chip warmer and Cold Tray

  • Empty dishwashers and put away dry dishes, reload dishwasher and turn on (Heavy Load, Extra Dry)

  • Wash remaining dishes

  • Wipe down all benches with food grade sanitiser and Wipe all tables in Club Room with Spray & Wipe

  • Sweep and Mop Kitchen floor with hot, soapy water

  • Pick up anything on the Club Room Floor

  • When closing for the last game of the weekend -  all chairs on tables 



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