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If you, your family or your business is interested in becoming a sponsor of SRHC,

we offer many attractive packages.

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Sponsorship Needed for 2024


Hookin2Hockey @Hawks

Scoreboard Sponsor

Training Shirt Sponsor

Outside Table Upgrade

Reserved: 25 First Aid Kits Upgrade


Sponsorship Needed for 2025 onwards


Turf/Stadium Naming Sponsor 2025-2030

Reserved: Top Men Side uniform 2026-2029

Reserved: Top Ladies Side uniform 2026-2029

20th Anniversary, Limited Uniform 2026

Turf/Stadium Naming Sponsor:


Sponsors of our 2022-2025 Top Men Side uniform:


Sponsors of our 2022-2025 Top Ladies  Side uniform:


Sponsors of our 2023- HighFlyers Junior Development:


Sponsors of Turf Goals in 2023 :


Wall Mounted Trophy Cabinet:

Servio Hockey Club

(To be installed)


Sponsors of 2024 Hookin2Hockey @Hawks:


2022 Official Photography for SRHC:


2022 Junior Bunbury Jumpers and Face masks:


Junior Contributors SRHC:



Contributing Sponsors during our Turf build:


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